Data Science
Data science is the art and science of turning data into actionable insights that have real value. To generate value from data one first needs to transform that data into information. I use that information to build computer models using advanced AI and data-mining techniques. These models can be put into production environments to generate decisions and recommandations that drive value for the business.
Example Deliverables

  • Data Science Project Business Case

  • Segmentation Models

  • Predictive Models

  • Model Deployment

  • Model Optimization

Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into business processes. It has the potential to radically improve a companies operating model, potentially lifting revenues and decreasing costs. By providing a structured and methodical approach, we guide your company on the journey towards a successful digital transformation,
Example Deliverables

  • Digital Majurity Assessment

  • Digital Transformation Roadmap

  • Digital Transformation Lead

Information Management
Staging data from production servers, building a layered data architecture and aggregating data in marts or other configurations all fall in under the broad domain of Information Management. Stable and reliable processes for managing data are central to any business that wants to compete in the Information Age, and I view Information Management as a critical component for success. Whether the information produced is consumed by other analytics services or served directly to end consumers I am ready to design and implement a solution.
Example Deliverables

  • Data Strategy

  • Information Architecture Design

  • Data Warehouse Design

  • Data Warehouse Implementation

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